We are the future of language adaptation


At Decode Worldwide, we believe in developing strong client relationships so that we can understand exactly what you would like to achieve. A key part of this process is therefore supported with the use of our Translation Memory tools and progressive Translation Management Systems – all tailored to your exact specifications.

From the very first time you get in touch with us, we will mould our systems to yours, ensuring we are working together towards a clearly-defined goal.


Work collaboratively with our Translation Management Systems

From your initial brief through to the development of your product, we’ll ensure you have full access to the progress of your commissioned work. Tracking the project every step of the way, you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re paying for, with the confidence that your original vision is being protected and your targets are being met.


Ensure consistency – and cost effectiveness – with Translation Memory

We’re passionate about providing high quality, value-for-money results. That’s why we build a translation memory for every client. Quite simply, this unique system allows us to ensure that we are remaining consistent in terminology, style and tone of voice. Furthermore, your bespoke translation memory will ensure that you won’t end up paying twice for the same copy to be adapted, so if identical phrases and terminology are appearing in subsequent projects, you will only pay full price for the new content to be amended, while repeated phrases and words are charged at a reduced rate – saving both time and money.