Six simple steps to communicating globally


Different types of content require different approaches. So to ensure you receive the optimum result, we’ll work with you to understand exactly which services you require, tailoring your language adaptation strategy to your specific requirements. Once we’ve established whether you need translation, transcreation or localisation services – or a combination of them – we’ll identify the perfect language expert to complete your job to the highest standards. Then…


  1. An internal project manager at Decode Worldwide will review the copy, highlighting any potential challenges such as jokes and puns that won’t translate precisely for your target audience, or cultural sensitivities that need to be taken into consideration. Once a solution has been found – and we will find you a solution – we can get the ball rolling!   
  2. After setting you up with our Translation Management System, you will be able to approve your exact brief before work begins.
  3. Your project will go to one of the 1,000+ translators and language experts who work with us. We will hand-pick the perfect person for the job, so that their unique area of expertise matches precisely what you would like to achieve. Vitally, each and every one is ISO 17100 compliant, so you can be guaranteed that they will be a native-speaker of the language that they are writing in and have the relevant level of experience to deliver a meticulous service. Crucially, we are an ethical company – so everyone who works with us is paid fairly and supported throughout their interactions with Decode Worldwide.
  4. The finished copy will then go to a reviewer who is also a native-speaker of your desired language. Checking for accuracy, they will ensure that the text flows fluently.
  5. Finally, your copy will return for an internal check at Decode Worldwide, where we will ensure it fully complies with localisation standards. From date format to punctuation, every detail is inspected.
  6. The final stage! You will receive your finished product. We cater for one set of amends, so you can be confident that you will get exactly what you asked us to deliver. Because if you’re happy, we’re happy.


Ready to know more? Then get in touch to discuss how we could help you. Together, we can achieve fantastic results…